Research activity

The Research Group of Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital, which was founded in 2002, consists of 21 associates and is led by the Assistant Director in charge of Science, Research and Pedagogic fields.

Long-term research orientations of scientific, research and pedagogic work at the Hospital are based on the following premises:

  • introducing, managing and implementing research projects in the framework of the national research programme and healthcare plan,
  • the forming of individual groups within the Hospital and establishing relationships with other research groups and institutions in Slovenia and abroad,
  • collaboration with similar scientific research groups abroad and taking part in joint research projects, the organisation of international conferences, seminars, etc.,
  • publishing the achievements of scientific research projects and tasks in the form of scientific articles and discussions in eminent international medicine and science magazines and in the form of participation and lectures at international and domestic scientific and professional conferences and meetings,
  • the training of young researchers by promoting the drafting of graduate master’s and doctoral theses related to the scientific research activity at the Hospital,
  • partaking in and synchronising the performance of such activities at the Hospital and with other institutions or experts,
  • organisation, management or provision of courses, lectures, seminars, science & research and professional meetings for certain educational and professional purposes.


Contact person: dr. Ingrid Milošev ingrid.milosev[@]


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The meeting, with hands - on session, will be happening in Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital, Slovenia. We were able to brought together the most recognized surgeons in knee osteotomy area, who will be main faculties and will be sharing their...

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