Mission and vision


By constantly improving the quality of our services and making effective investments in the development of our human resources and technological equipment of the Hospital, we are able to offer the highest possible level of health treatment and care for our patients based on the latest advanced methods of diagnostics, conservative and surgical procedures and healthcare in the field of orthopaedics.


Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital is set to become a renowned and accredited healthcare institution at the international scale, a leader in its field of expertise in Slovenia and a reference in the wider Euro-region in the field of orthopaedics.

Strategic focus

  • we develop and introduce new methods in the field of joint prosthetics, spinal surgery and arthroscopic procedures in line with the medical doctrine and adopted guidelines that reduce potential risks and shorten the time required for healing and rehabilitation,
  • we introduce health treatment quality standards and implement a system ensuring constant improvement in the field of quality indicator monitoring, comparing our achievements with similar top-class orthopaedic centres,
  • we place special attention to the respect and safeguarding of the patient’s integrity and general well-being,
  • we develop the field of orthopaedic surgery of the hand and foot by placing emphasis on the selection and the expert knowledge of our medical staff,
  • we follow the trends in the development of all ancillary activities,by investing in the development of our human resources and enhancing the expert knowledge through further education, training and scientific research work, and by making use of the appropriate technical equipment, we create the conditions enabling us to carry out tertiary activities in individual sub-clinical fields that will allow us to meet the requirements to be awarded the title of institute of orthopaedics,
  • we collaborate with external partners at the national level in creating better macroeconomic conditions of business operation,
  • we endeavour to market additional diagnostic and surgical services for foreign self-funding patients,at the local level, we collaborate with partners in the preservation of the natural and cultural identity of the locality, and in promoting sustainable development,
  • we will maintain the Hospital’s reputation built by our predecessors through dedication, hard work and expert knowledge, and do everything in our power for our institution to set a good example for future generations.


Good health is worth more than all the wealth of the world.


The meeting, with hands - on session, will be happening in Valdoltra Orthopaedic Hospital, Slovenia. We were able to brought together the most recognized surgeons in knee osteotomy area, who will be main faculties and will be sharing their...

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